Planning to Install Privacy Film For Windows

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If talking about a privacy Smart Film Dubai on your window then it can assist you to protect the home’s interior from the heat and glare and moreover, give complete privacy for your rooms, by hindering the outside view. Actually, it is a cheap and simple way of enlightening the style and comfort of the rooms. You only need to have some useful tools and a helper to assist you install the Smart Glass Dubai. Required items for Installation: * The selected decorative film- stained glass,frosted glass etc. * Rubber Scraper. * A good sharp blade with utility knife. * A bottle for spray. * A conventional edge- Yardsticks can be utilized for big windows. * Any type of shampoo. * Lint free cloths such as microfibre cloths. * Bottled water. * A transparent tape. Plans for the installation: You can take the measurements of the windows where the Switchable Glass Dubai is to be installed. It is needed to know what film size is to be bought. Purchasesome extra film only if something goes mistaken or just for an additional scrap. Install Film on the Window: Either, you can begin in the time of early morning or in the time of evening so as to stay away from working in the hottest time. Also, in case the installation is done throughout a very hot time, the soapy solution that is utilized to make a coating on the glass would dry up just before you have completed the work! It can also cause poor streaks to come in the window! The initial step is to thoroughlyclean, the windows, utilizing one teaspoon of the shampoo mixed in water like one gallon. The overall quantity of each must be correct to give the water the perfect pH factor, and so give the right result for the project you are doing work on. The utilization of cleaners with vinegar, ammoniaetc. should be ignored. You can check the exact measurements that were previously taken and cut the film accordingly, always you can keep 1 unit additional on both sides. After that you can spray the solution onto the window, utilizing a sprayer, and be cautious not to leave impressions. Now utilize the tape to remove the film. So, you should choose one film corner, as well as put two parts of tape, one on either corner side. When the tapes have perfectly set, you can pull them apart, and the support comes off with the perfect tape! After that you can spray as well as fill the backing with the solution. One more step is to carefully beginconnecting the half adhesive part of the window film, starting from the top part of the window. Confirm that the film is being put in the correct position while you connect it. Also, the helper must keep spraying the sheet along with the solution. When it is done, you can squeeze out air bubbles, you can trim the sheet with the knife, spray again the film, and leave it dry for 30 to 40 minutes.